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Webinar: “HV Safe Systems of work: evolution and challenges”






Free 1-hour Webinar: “HV Safe Systems of work: evolution and challenges

When is it? Friday 1st October 10-30 to 11-30

What will be covered? Join our panel of industry experts; Chris Parkinson, Gary Eastwood and Iain Ross, to discuss the challenges and solutions to maintaining an effective electrical safe system of work with evolving high voltage networks and workforces.

Who is this webinar for? The explanations in the webinar will be most useful to engineers or staff in the electricity industry, wishing to gain a better appreciation of various issues operating electrical networks. The webinar will also be useful to those who are new to the electricity industry (graduate, technical trainee, asset owner)

How do I register? Use the following link to add your email address and receive joining instructions

About the Presenters: All worked in the electricity industry for many years facing various challenges, as networks evolve.